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My name is Steve Gilkes.

I am a web developer and programmer. Please visit my site and view my work. Contact me via my LinkedIn profile if you like what you see!


Country Web Site

Student project for the BCIT Technical Web Designer certificate. This project was tasked to develop a web site based on a country on choice.

SJC Culinary Services

Group project for the BCIT Technical Web Designer certificate created with Grace Cho and Jaeriah Tay. This project was to design and create a brochure web site for a business. We selected an existing business - SJC Culinary Services.


A group project with Roy Chan for the BCIT Technical Web Designer certificate. This project was to develope a web site based on an existing site and to mirror it as closely as possible. We selected Vulcan.


Javastroids - An Asteroids Clone

JavaScript game project. Asteroids was selected for the game. It's fully functional. Give it a try!

Movies - React API Example

This is a quick demonstration app using The Movie DB.

News Aggregator - React API

News Aggregator app based on the News API. It uses the React-Router-Dom and a Class based approach to create this news service app.



A proof of concept site to learn the various cababilities of WordPress.

External Client Project

Developing Soon...

An undiscussed project utilizing all skills learned so far.

Question Mark for yet to be programmed project


Developing Soon...

An yet to be developed portfolio page .

Question Mark for soon to be developed porfolio site